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Member Portal FAQ

We're excited to give you access to your member account on the Temple Sinai online member portal!  Our member portal provides a secure and private way to view your transaction history, enter payment methods, set up recurring payments for temple charges, make donations and connect with other members through the online directory. There is so much you can do when you use your Temple Sinai ShulCloud account!


Q: How do I log in?

A: Click "Login" at the top right corner of this page. You can reset your password here.


Q. How do I change my address, phone number, birthday, or e-mail address? 

A. To make any demographic changes, start on the My Account page. Under "My Personal and Family Information," you will see a series of tiles/boxes. These are where you will click to make demographic changes below. After each change you make, be sure to click “save changes.” 

  • To change e-mail: Click on My Profile/View & Edit Your Profile (this is at the bottom right of the screen). Change your e-mail address that is listed as your log-in e-mail. After you have entered the correct e-mail, click “save changes to person” at the bottom of the screen.  
  • For phone number: Go to My Account/My Profile/View & Edit Your Profile (this is at the bottom right of the screen)/Contact Information. Change your phone number, and then click “save changes to person.” 
  • For birthdays: Go to My Account/My Profile/View & Edit Your Profile (this is at the bottom right of the screen)/Life Cycles. Change your birthday, and then click “save changes to person.”  
  • For address: Go to My Account/Edit My Addresses. Change your address, and then click “save changes to address.” 


Q.  How do I change my information in the membership directory?  

A, Click the "My Directory Listing" tile to change your directory information and set display and sharing preferences. The directory is accessible to all members. We encourage you to upload a photo of the adult members of your family.


Q: Can I set up the frequency of recurring automatic payments in my account, or do they have to be monthly? 

A. You can set up scheduled payments on whatever schedule works for you.  The payments can occur monthly, every two months, quarterly, etc., and you can split the payment into as many installments as you’d like, as long as the full amount is paid by the end of the temple’s fiscal year (May 31, 2023).


Q: Is it possible to continue mailing in a check to the temple for my payments and donations, or do I need to pay online? 

A: Yes! The temple will be happy to accept payment by check, either via mail or dropped off in the temple office. 


Q. I make payments and donations to the temple through my family’s charitable foundation or donor advised fund? How do I do this with the new system? 

A. Just like you used to! No need to use the online system. 


Q: What do I do if I do not want to pay some or all of the voluntary charges that appear on my account? 

A. You are able to opt-out on your membership pledge form. YOu may also call or e-mail the office to let us know which voluntary payments you do not want to make. We will make sure to take them off your account.


Q: Will we still get monthly statements in the mail or will they only be sent by email? 

A. Monthly statements will be sent electronically unless you request paper statements or have previously told the temple that you want to receive temple communications via paper mail. To opt out of electronic statements, you can either let us know or make the change yourself. To opt in to paper statements, you will need to go to My Account/My Profile/View & Edit Your Profile (this is at the bottom right of the screen)/Edit My Addresses/Billing Preferred Delivery Method. Make sure to click “save changes to address.” 


Q: What are the processing fees for online payments? 

A: For ACH payments, the processing fee is 0.9%, plus $0.15 per transaction. For credit card payments, the fee is 2.9%, plus $0.15 per transaction. If you are making a payment towards your membership financial contribution online, the processing fee is automatically included. If you are making a charitable donation online, you can choose to either include or not include the processing fee as a part of your donation. 



If you have other questions or run into problems, please contact Karen Auerbach for general questions, Andrei Israel or Marcie Wilson for financial questions, and Noah Benjamin for donation questions. You can also call the temple office at (202) 363-6394.

Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784